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MLM Truth #1


Let me share another truth about succeeding in MLM.

Network marketing is an amazing profession to be involved in; one where you certainly CAN earn a tremendous amount of money and create time and financial freedom but it does takes some serious effort.

The reality however is very few network marketers find their success in the first company they ever build.

Not news for some of you reading this, but definitely news for a lot of people.

Think about it… do you really know what you are looking for and how to assess a network marketing company when you have had no experience?

There are thousands of companies in the industry... many have good products, good compensation plans etc. However very few ever achieve the MAGIC... which is momentum.

How do you learn to assess a company? EXPERIENCE

Regardless of which company you initially join you need to serve your apprenticeship and learn how to be a network marketing professional and ‘most’ will provide you the training ground to do so.

You can make some money with ANY company. But that doesn’t mean you will earn your fair market worth.

For some reason unlike any other industry people are often lead and conditioned to believe that once you join a MLM company that you are not loyal, committed, ethical or you lack integrity if you look or even consider moving to another company – WHY?

It is a psychological battle that I see all too often in the industry orchestrated by leaders and companies using either Fear, Intimidation, Negativity or pulling at heart strings in an attempt to create loyalty and to prevent people from leaving.

Imagine if those who work a conventional job had to stick with the very first one they ever had – what would you still be doing now?

If you work a conventional job and a competing company offers you a position – firstly you look at, what is the role? What are they offering me? Would I be happier there? Etc.

Then you make a decision... if you are happy where you are you simply say no thanks and thank them for the offer.

If you are unhappy or you think the new offer is better suited or will remunerate you better, you accept.

Why is MLM any different?

As professional networkers we are taught and encouraged to share our opportunity with the best and brightest people we know… why wouldn’t we approach people/leaders in other companies?

Doesn’t it show that we believe in our opportunity?

The grass is NOT always greener on the other side but why create FEAR if you believe in what you are doing and people are achieving the success they desire? There should be no need for concern that your team may go somewhere else if they are 100% HAPPY!

Hear that? That’s alarm bells ringing... not all is good on the home front! That is why they create the fear.

Many companies/leaders will tell people that they just need to work harder, be more committed, talk to more people… that may be the case in some situations, but not always… sometimes it is also known as the grind.

What is the grind? This is where people often end up with an inability to think bigger, believing that they can fail their way forward. They keep doing the same thing expecting a different outcome – also known as the definition of insanity.

For the past 20 years, I’ve been fortunate to make network marketing my profession.

Over that time I’ve been with several companies. I won’t go into detail on why, other than to say I had to move for legitimate reasons: one company went out of business; one had major management issues and lack of MLM understanding. I would have loved to have only worked one company. It just didn’t work out that way for me and wont for most people.

But despite all of that I was still able to create substantial success and create time and financial freedom.

I served my apprenticeship and in so doing gained the experience to determine what to look for in a company and what the MAGIC is that creates momentum.

My last point is this – never get brainwashed in to thinking that one company is the ONLY way. There are plenty of ways… it is just a matter of determining what is the best vehicle/company for YOU!

Your #1 commitment should always be to the achieving your goals, dreams and aspirations.

Choose your MLM company wisely.

Andre Davids
Professional Network Marketer