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MLM Myth #1


Nothing could be farther from the truth. Network marketing is a Coaching and Mentoring business.

In short, it's a people business.

I see people spend an inordinate amount of time studying the products, pay plans and bonus structures, but if you want to be successful, study PEOPLE.

YES you will need to know a bit about those other things, because people will ask questions, but I would not spend the majority of energy there.

Instead learn the personality types and how to prospect and coach each. Nothing will do more for your business.

How do you learn? Books, trainings, a great coach/mentor and MOST importantly by taking MASSIVE action!

In my blog – MLM Truth #2 I discussed the need to have a great product. But... Great products are ‘almost’ standard in the industry. Focusing too strongly on the merits of your product and just SELLING them can result in limited success.

It can be the difference between creating a hobby income by creating a small customer base or creating significant life changing income by attracting and developing a large tribe.

Yes, you have to have a great product, but since everyone else does too, what makes you different?

Very simply – YOU

If anything… you are selling yourself. People join you and your VISION. They then learn about and fall in love with the business and industry as they proceed.

I highly recommend you download and read my FREE REPORT - The Success Principles Required to Create Time & Financial Freedom in a Home Based Business.

This does NOT have to be you.

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Our role is not to sell, convince or to twist peoples arms to join or to use our products… it is simply to share information and to help people do their due diligence so they can make the right decision for themselves.

People will base their decision on moving away from pain or moving towards pleasure…. Everyone has a need or desire. If you can help them discover and acknowledge theirs then you will never need to ever sell anything.

If you have any specific questions don’t hesitate to ask.

Choose your MLM company wisely and learn how to build it properly.

Andre Davids
Professional Network Marketer